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why choose khanyisile primary school

Why Choose Us?

Khanyisile denotes light and aims to bring enlightenment to all who seek it. We see ourselves as a family and encourage parent teacher participation in the development of each and every individual learner. As a result, we are willing to go the extra mile for the benefit of every child in our school. Learners learn within a safe environment where teachers and ancillary staff are ever vigilant and hard-working. The school is committed to maintaining a learner teacher ratio of 25:1, where possible. Thank you for considering us as a possible school for your child/children.

Our Vision


To admit learner regardless of gender, race or religion, using an entrance evaluation based on Mathematics and English.

To equip each learner to become a valued and respected member of the community displaying a high level of integrity, morals
and principal.

To provide well established facilities that encourage innovative and creative learning

To provide sporting facilities that will enhance the development of skills and proficiency.

To educate learners enabling them to achieve their potential through a holistic approach that caters for their physical, social and academic needs.

To develop responsible, self-disciplined and independent individuals.

To promote a cosmopolitan approach towards cultural and other differences.

To recruit qualified and dedicated staff, who will share the vision and mission of the school. Teachers will behave professionally and deliver quality education, keeping the best interest of the learners at heart.

To provide a core curriculum based on the Swazi education system. This will be supplemented with additions from South African, British, American and Australian curricula in order to accommodate both local and expatriate learners. The broad curriculum will be relevant, flexible and current, enabling learners to receive both special and individualized attention.

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