School Fees

Tuition Fees

Grade Per Term 5% Discount Per Year 10% Discount
E6 800.00
E6 460.00
E20 400.00
E18 360.00
E9 800.00
E9 310.00
E29 400.00
E26 460.00
1 - 7
E13 100.00
E12 445.00
E39 300.00
E35 370.00

Application & Entrance

Please note that the application and entrance fee is a one-time, non-refundable payment.

E250 - Application & Entrance Fee

Other Fees

Educational Trips

All educational and sports trips must be paid for prior to the departure of the trip. Should your school fees be in arrears, your child will not be permitted to go on trips until the overdue school fees have been paid.

Textbooks - Grade 1 to Grade 7

Textbooks are provided by the school. There may be exceptions where you will be required to purchase certain resources.

Stationery - Grade 000 to Grade 7

Stationery lists per grade will be provided and are required to be purchased privately from a supplier of your choice, or from the schools stationery shop.

IBT Fees

Grade 3 to 7 learners will be billed separately for their IBT Exam fees for 2024. This fee is based on charge incurred from IEB and will be a direct on-charge, once off cost billed to your school fee account.

Payment Options


* For security purposes, NO CASH payments permitted at school.

Additional Information

The learners name and surname must be used as a reference for all payments.
Fees are payable Termly:
- A 5% discount is available if termly fee is paid in full within the first week of the term.
- Full settlement of termly fee must take place before mid-term break.
To qualify for the annual upfront discount, fees need to be paid by 31 January.

KPS School Fees for 2024

KPS School Fees for 2024.

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