Learners are required to wear the school uniform with pride and dignity at all times. All pupils are expected to adhere to the following uniform code.


Dress to be worn Monday, Wednesday & Friday; skirt & T-shirt to be worn Tuesday & Thursday.

Summer Uniform - Girls

School Dress (navy/white check) available at Unozidumo. Blue skorts and white golf T-shirt available at school. White socks, black school shoes and navy blue jersey on cool days (from any other retailer).

Summer Uniform - Boys

Navy shorts with white stripes (available at school), white golf T-shirt, navy blue socks, black school shoes, navy blue jersey on cool days and navy rain coat with hood (available only at school).

Winter Uniform - Girls and Boys

Khanyisile blue tracksuit (available at the school), white golf T-shirt and school shoes with navy blue socks. Takkies are not part of the uniform, only part of the sports uniform.

Physical Education Uniform

All students are required to wear, white golf T-Shirt, white shorts / skorts / navy pants with stripes and white takkies and socks.


The school swimming costume and swimming cap are on sale at the school office. Swimming costumes must be with the child, even on rainy days or when the weather is bad. A sick note should be supplied by parents if a child is not to participate in any sporting activity.

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